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Hair Dye Shampoo + Coconut Hair Repair Mask

Essential Bundle 

- Hair Dye Shampoo 250ml

- Coconut Hair Repair Mask 200ml


Argan Oil Hair Dye Shampoo

Up to 5 Applications! AMMONIA-FREE! New upgrade formula that uses pure natural vegetable oil essence to achieve the purpose of dyeing and hair care at the same time. Argan Oil effectively helps to repair the hair scalp after dyeing the hair, making the hair brighter and more natural and at the same time supplement hair nutrition and preventing hair loss after hair dyeing. 15 minutes fast hair coloring.

Coconut Hair Repair Conditioner

Special natural coconut oil ingredients are good for repairing damaged hair after hair dye. Natural herbal oil fast repairs hair scales, lock hair moisture enhance hair nutrition, and keep hair shiny and smooth the whole day.

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